First draft of Book 27 - Safe Haven: Neverland is in the bag!

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The audiobook for Salvation is now available. Kim put a vast amount of production hours into this one. She has created something that in all the time I’ve been listening to audiobooks I have never heard before. As I stated in one of my previous newsletters, it’s more of an audio experience than just an audiobook. I’m incredibly proud to have my name on it, and I’m incredibly lucky to be working with someone so talented. As an added bonus, The Burning Tree song is included in the recording.

I’ve been asked a few times who did the song. Well, I wrote the lyrics, and Kim was the vocalist. Her hubby, Lee Horrocks, wrote and arranged the music. Lee was in a nineties band called Cuff, who were a firm favourite of the late, great John Peel. He’s been in the industry ever since and is a successful music producer, songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist to boot.


In other news, the first draft of Safe Haven: Neverland (pt 2) is done. I normally have a 4000 word a day cut-off, but since Sunday I’ve notched 19000. Without question, it’s the most emotionally fraught thing I’ve written to date. Barring an apocalypse, it should be out by Halloween, and without giving too much away, it ends a chapter in Safe Haven’s history and begins a new one.
I’d like to thank everyone for the incredibly positive feedback for The Burning Tree: Book 2 – Rebirth. For those of you who have enjoyed it but not had a chance to leave a review. You’d really be helping me out if you could nip across to Amazon and jot a few words.

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