The End of Everything Book 8

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The End of Everything: Book 8 is now being edited. As of this minute, I’m not 100% sure when E of E 8 will be coming out, other than some time in July, but obviously, I will keep you up to date on that one.

I have no plans to put The End of Everything 8 on pre-order. The main reason for this is that when somebody pre-orders a title, the sale registers on the day of the pre-order and not the day of release. So, it has an effect on chart position and subsequently visibility. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to make a decent living from doing what I love, but I am learning all the time. What works for one writer or one book, might not work for another. So, I still have to experiment and dip my toes in the water from time to time. That’s what I intend to do with the launch of E of E 8.

We had an amazing response to a recent promo for Relentless. It actually got to number one in the US British Horror Fiction chart. A very big thank you to everyone who made that happen. Also, a massive thank you to those of you who have read and reviewed the book. If you’ve read and enjoyed Relentless, or any of my books and not had the chance to leave a review yet, you would really be helping me out if you did.